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Viborg Trials Jam and HC

The HC (Hors Classe) competition for bike trials recently took place in Viborg, Denmark, and it was a thrilling event for enthusiasts of the sport. The competition drew some of the top riders from around the world, including talented riders from the FXN team and other British riders who put on an impressive display.

Representing the FXN team in the Elite category was Oliver Weightman, who finished in an impressive seventh place, showcasing his technical skills and determination throughout the event. In the Expert category, Elliot Cooper and Eddie Weightman performed exceptionally well. Elliot Cooper secured second place, while Eddie Weightman finished third, demonstrating their bike control and precision throughout the course. Daisy Craig, representing the FXN team, took home first place in the Benjamin category, demonstrating her remarkable technical skills and control on the bike. Harry Craig, also from the FXN team, finished in second place in the Poussin category, showcasing his remarkable control on the bike.

Among the other talented British riders who competed at the event was Charlie Rolls, who put up a strong performance in the Elite category, but unfortunately crashed on Section 4, costing him valuable points and ultimately missing out on first place. Despite this setback, he finished in an impressive second place, demonstrating his talent and dedication to the sport. Adam Morewood, another highly skilled rider in the Elite category, finished in nineth place, demonstrating his technical skills and bike control. Finn Johnstone, a British rider, secured first place in the Minime category, showing off his impressive technical skills and control on the bike. Harry Little from Great Britain finished first in the Poussin category, also displaying remarkable bike control and technical skill for someone so young.

Overall, the HC competition for bike trials in Viborg was a thrilling event, showcasing the talent and dedication of the participating riders. The FXN team and other British riders performed exceptionally well, demonstrating their passion for the sport and commitment to excellence.

Although Charlie Rolls missed out on first place due to a crash on Section 4, his strong performance and near-win were impressive, showcasing his potential to succeed in future competitions. It was a pleasure to see all of these talented riders compete and make their mark on the international bike trials community.

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