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Meet the Team


Shaun Goddard.jpg

Rider - Shaun Goddard

Shaun is the owner so thats why he is on the team, literally no other reason.


Rider - Ryan Brian Brian McColm

Great rider with some monster up-to fronts primarily known for his consistency.


Rider - James Bragg

Possibly the best ginger rider Cornwall has ever seen, loves a Ginsters.


Rider - Owen Osbourne

Our diversity boxed ticked, solid welsh rider, loves fancy dress (pictured)


Rider - Sam Wheeler

Trials legend from the golden age of trials back from a 10 year break and loving modern bikes.


Rider - Martin Fricker

He has been in the game a while now and definitely has the most famous face plant in trials.

image0 (1).jpeg

Rider - Eddie Weightman

His Achievements include; 3x British Champion, 2x Uci British Champion, 2nd European Champion, and of course starting big school.

image1 (3).png

Rider - Oli Weightman

The 2017 BIU Benjamin world Champion, 2019 BIU Euro runner up, and 2x British Champion. This lad is definitely making waves in Trials world.

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